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Our best invisible braces treatment incorporates professional and constant monitoring from our dentists. Using the latest technology with custom-made invisible aligners, we will help you achieve the best possible smile.
Absolutely! SEBARIS invisible braces are made of BPA- free and medical-grade plastic to make them as non- reactive, hypoallergenic, and effective as possible.

It helps straighten your teeth while providing ease and comfort during your treatment. A customised plan ensures you get the best possible fit for the best possible results. Combined with machine intelligence monitoring (AI), we promise a solution that is hassle-free, convenient, and most importantly, gives you a beautiful smile.

Results vary from case to case but it can be visible from the sixth month onwards.

It depends on the condition of your teeth. Our treatment can take anywhere from six months to two years but our goal is to ensure the entire journey is as comfortable as possible.

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For the specialised treatment and care you received from our specialist dentists, SEBARIS offers one of the most affordable invisible braces care in Kuala Lumpur*. Check out our pricing plans here.

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There has been increasing popularity in mail order aligners due to patients wanting a straighter smile faster and discreetly. These direct-to-consumer companies will supply you with an at-home invisible aligner kit without seeing a professional physically for your initial treatment. The prices are more appealing but these DIY orthodontics treatments are not safe for you. They carry many potential risks and is more likely than not to give you unsatisfactory results. SEBARIS highly recommends that you consult an actual physical invisible braces clinic to get your consultation done for the best possible treatment plan.

Most people experience tooth / gum soreness for a few days after starting each new aligner. SEBARIS aligners apply pressure to align your teeth to their desired position

This soreness should gradually go away a couple of days after inserting the new pair of aligner in the series. If it remains painful, promptly call your doctor.

Like all orthodontic treatments, you may have a slight lisp for a day or two. However, as your tongue adapts, the minor speech impediment will improve over time

Minor gaps between the new aligners and the current tooth position are common, as the teeth need time to move into their new position. If there are significant problems with the fitting, consult your doctor.

In general, no. Unless instructed by your doctor, there is no reason to restrict your consumption.

We recommend to avoid drinking high temperature (hot) beverages while wearing the aligner. This restraint is to avoid injuring your gums due to high temperature and also possibility of warping of the aligners.

Chewies help you set your aligners in place. Bite against it throughout your entire mouth while wearing your aligners up to two to four minutes.

We discourage the use of tobacco (including e-cigarettes, vapes) while wearing the aligners to avoid staining.

NO. As chewing gums will stick to the aligners. Please remove your aligners whilst eating snacks or meals.

Inform your SEBARIS treatment coordinator / doctor immediately. They will likely instruct you to wear your previous or next set of aligner. Occasionally, the doctor may order a new set to replace the one you lost / damage.

Depending on the treatment plan, tooth movement may require either “attachments” or “ridges” to help the aligners achieve the desired tooth placement.

Immediately contact your SEBARIS treatment coordinator / doctor.

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