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The Best Invisible Braces in Malaysia

Your dream smile can come true without the hassle and discomfort of
using traditional dental braces. The solution? Invisible braces that let you
keep on smiling with confidence throughout your treatment.

Faster. Trusted. Reliable.

Can’t decide if you should have braces or aligners?

Consult our in-house dentists today


learn how you can have the best possible smile!

Our pricing is as clear as our aligners

No hidden costs, no unnecessary surprises.
Our treatment plan is one of the most affordable invisible braces in Kuala Lumpur.

Sebaris aligners supports whole mouth functionality in a holistic manner,

compared to other local aligner brands that mainly focus on aesthetic only.

We leave no teeth behind in the pursuit of the perfect smile.

Frequently asked questions

Our best invisible braces treatment incorporates professional and constant monitoring from our dental specialists using the latest technology with custom-made invisible aligners to help you achieve your best smile.

Completely! Sebaris invisible braces are made of BPA-free and medical grade plastic to make them as non-reactive, hypo-allergenic and effective as possible for your best invisible braces care.

It helps straighten your teeth while still providing you with ease and comfort during your treatment. A customised plan ensures you get the best possible fit for the best possible results. Combined with machine intelligence monitoring (AI), our invisible braces care provides you with hassle-free, convenient and most importantly, the perfect smile.

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