Let’s set things straight with Sebaris Invisible Braces.

Sebaris is a revolutionised teeth-straightener plan, integrated with AI technology, where you will be remotely monitored by 15 top orthodontists around the world.

Unlike traditional braces or any other clear aligners, we only use Invisalign, the superior invisible aligners, made from SmartTrack material for optimum precision and comfort. Sebaris is the ideal solution for your ideal smile. Now with 5 years warranty too!

Discover why Sebaris is the perfect choice for you.

Straight is as simple as this.


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Your session includes a full X-Ray & consultation report, oral condition images, consultation, scaling, polishing and Air Flow Prophylaxis (ultimate stain removal). This wholesome experience is chargeable with a fee of RM300.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The price range for Sebaris invisible braces can be anywhere between RM 3000 to RM 25000 depending on the severity of the alignment and tooth condition. In Sebaris, after the complimentary consultation, the price point will be discussed in detail and there wont be any hidden charges. The price point will be inclusive of all x-rays, model and retainers. The differences in price will be dependent on the severity of the cases and how many aligners would be needed for the treatment. Additional to that, we may undertake certain treatments (extraction of wisdom tooth, fillings, scaling and polishing), prior to the treatment, and it will all be inclusive in the cost quoted. This is so that our patients will undergo the treatment with a perfect dental condition.

No. Sebaris invisble braces do not recommend any sort of extraction except for wisdom tooth or tooth that cannot be saved. To gain space, Sebaris uses the concept of arch expansion or distalisation (moving the teeth back) rather than extraction. The only tooth that we may extract, is if one has a non-functional wisdom tooth that may trouble the patient.

    1. Straightens teeth with SmartTrack material, allowing optimum precision and comfort
    2. Provides custom plan
    3. Enhances face structure
    4. Machine Intelligence monitoring (Ai) supports the remote treatment
    1. Attachments
    2. Elastics
    3. Polishing and Contouring
    4. Retention
    5. Pontics

Treatment duration is highly dependent on patient’s teeth conditions. Some treatment journey may take as short as 6 months or up to 2 years, but our goal is to ensure that they journey is as comfortable as possible, by not putting too much pressure on your teeth.

    1. Overbite
    2. Underbite
    3. Crossbite
    4. Gap teeth
    5. Open Bite
    6. Crowded Teeth
    7. Teen Treatment
    8. Generally Straighter Teeth

Sebaris invisible braces come with not only one but 15 qualified and world-renowned orthodontists perfecting your smile plan remotely with the integration of AI and Dental Monitoring.

Yes, as we have the capabilities to make sure the Sebaris treatment is listed in the minimal error zone. Not only do we have 15 world-renowned orthodontists to keep tab of your smile, AI integration does cross-checking throughout the treatment journey.

    1. Wear your aligners accordingly and switch to the next set when Dr Bala advises you to do so.
    2. Wear your invisible aligners for at least 23 hours per day.
    3. When Dr Bala requests for a scan to be done, make sure you submit it promptly on the Dental Monitoring application with the gadgets provided.

Yes, with the comprehensive package, Sebaris offers a 5-year warranty from the start of the treatment. This means in the period of 5 years, if there is any unwanted movement, we will offer a complimentary treatment to fix the relapse.



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