Because Sebaris has all you need. And better.

Sebaris uses only premium teeth aligners Invisalign, made from SmartTrack material for optimum precision and comfort, accommodating the best result possible. With Sebaris, you’re now remotely monitored by 15 of the world’s top orthodontist on the go.

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Why take frequent dental clinics trips?

From the Dental Monitoring app on your smartphone, you are instantly monitored by Dr Bala and his team of 15 world’s top orthodontists. Your progress will be closely monitored, with the use of the ScanBox, given upon registration, to scan your teeth from wherever you are; from your home, office, and even in gyms or during hikes.

Isn’t it perfect for on-the-goers?

Always on the go?

The Dental Monitoring app is ideal for you. Get first-rate consultations with Dr Bala and 15 world’s renowned dentist, right from your smartphone.


This means, your teeth can be monitored and evaluated professionally from wherever you are; at your home, office, even in gyms or when you’re mountain hiking!

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The device that revolutionised dental monitoring:
The ScanBox

12 million testimonial smiles scanned with Dental Monitoring ScanBox.

It’s not as simple as submitting a picture of your teeth. The ScanBox is engineered to make thorough scans sophisticatedly, identifying teeth movement, to its smallest detail. Best of all, the ScanBox can be used from wherever you are.


Professional consultations will be done, via the Dental Monitoring app accessible from your smartphone. Convenience and quality on the go, you no longer have to compromise either.

Sebaris only uses Invisalign clear aligners

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