Dr Bala

the founder of Sebaris

Bringing a rich professional experience from the dental industry, Dr Bala Saravanan always aspire to take dentistry to a whole new level. Graduated from Aimst University Malaysia, he had completed the 10 sessions fellowship program titled “Orthodontic Aligner Fellowship Program’ which is certified by the Dental XP.


His innovative passion has driven him to create the Sebaris brand, offering the best of both worlds; superior invisible aligners and dental monitoring system, alongside a team of 15 top world’s renowned orthodontists.


His desire is to empower the best experience possible to consumers who long for a great set of teeth, or to those who relapse from other treatment, or those who simply love a perfect smile.

Our World Renowned Dentists

Dr Derek Mahony

Dr Derek is a Sydney based Specialist Orthodontist who approaches his diagnosis from a ‘facial profile’ point of view. He has completed a Master in Orthodontics at the Eastman Dental Hospital, Institute of Dental Surgery, London. His goals for treatment not only cover straightening teeth, but also beautiful faces and healthy temporomandibular joints. 

Dato Dr How Kim Chuan

Dr How graduated with a Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics  in London [1995] and is a member of the Malaysian Healthcare Tourism Council (MHTC) since 2010. Currently, Dr How is an orthodontist consultant, implantologist and aesthetic laser dentist at Imperial Dental Specialist Centre.

Dr Derek Mahoney and Dr How Kim Chuan are well-equipped with a professional team that will be looking into your smile plan.



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