NST-#TECH: High-tech tooth aligners from local orthodontist

NST-#TECH: High-tech tooth aligners from local orthodontist

By Hanum Afandi – February 24, 2021 @ 6:43pm

KUALA LUMPUR: A local orthodontist Dr Bala Saravanan has created Sebaris By Dr Bala which allows borderless and contactless dental technology via dental monitoring.

The solution is changing the future of dentistry and tooth alignment for both patients and doctors where they are able to receive precise reports, via an app.

“We saw a big need in the industry and we understood that braces had a lot of prior issues in terms of discomfort, especially when attending a wedding and conferences where patients could not remove their braces.

“In addition, it’s a hassle for patients to brush their teeth, keeping it clean and continuous consultations to change the wires, bracket positioning, and alignments. As a solution, we’ve created something removable,” said Bala, who is also the founder of Sebaris By Dr. Bala’s founder.

“Putting on a braces is very dentist dependent, and it requires an orthodontist’s presence to get the whole process done. We wanted to create a system where we can monitor the patients remotely while making sure that their treatments are being done precisely,” said Dr Bala.

Sebaris By Dr. Bala’s Dental Monitoring is a remote monitoring technology that allows remote monitoring via their application and reduces patients’ visits while having their tooth alignment procedures implemented safely.

The system uses premium teeth aligners called Invisalign, which is made out of SmartTrack material that provides the best result, comfort, and optimum precision.

The Invisalign Aligners require no wires or discomfort of ‘brace’ and are easy to removes for eating, drinking, and flossing.

Furthermore, it is also invisible. So there is no need to hide your smile.

It is also shaped based on the gum line for comfort while having a track record of successfully shaped 8 million smiles.

“The aligners is a removable plastic that patients use weekly based on our instructions. Thanks to 3D innovations, the Invasalign Aligners, we do a digital prediction of where we will digitally move the teeth from A to B in, let’s say 15 different steps.

“During the steps, we 3D-print the models that create a movement every week by hugging and moving the teeth based on the planned direction,” said Dr Bala.

After an initial consultation with the dentist, dentists can continue to monitor using the ScanBox AI Technology, which despite where they are, enables improvements in the patient’s experience and improving safety levels.

Moreover, the ScanBox makes thorough scans that identify teeth movement to the smallest detail while the progress reviews are sent virtually.

There is also constant monitoring to detect any changes to carry on with the treatment plans.

Thanks to the remote monitoring, it removes multiple restrictions due to health concerns and leaving patients having their smiles freely adjusted.

Also, using the Dental Monitoring app via your smartphone, Dr. Bala and his team of 15 of the world’s top orthodontists will instantly and professionally monitor you with the progress closely tracked wherever you are.

Automation and artificial intelligence are the helpers of change and Sebaris By Dr. Bala is setting a straight path for those with teeth problems to have a perfect smile.

The prices for the service range from RM4,000 to RM15,000, depending on the patient’s treatment and how long they will be needing the aligners and the number of aligners they will be using.

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